The Consultant Bank Process

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation’s Consultant Bank offers local experts as free consultants to assist local nonprofit organizations in building their skills in managing their organizations and delivering their services. Recognizing the vast majority of nonprofit organizations in our communities work on very limited budgets, The Consultant Bank is a resource from which local nonprofits can access consulting services free of charge.

As nonprofit organizations become stronger, more efficient and sustainable entities, so too, do the communities in which they serve. To that end, local professionals have heeded the call for volunteers to populate The Consultant Bank. There is a sincere desire to help guide our nonprofit organizations toward greater capacity, enabling them to better meet their goals in serving our communities.

Here is how it works:

  • Consider your topic and what consulting services you need – will the consultant meet with one or more staff, a committee or a full board? Will your goal require more than one meeting? When do you want to begin? End?
  • Submit an application to the Community Foundation by clicking here.
  • Your application will be processed by Kelli Miller, Program Director at the Wabash Valley Community Foundation.
  • Kelli will provide you with the information to contact your potential consultant. Prepare to be somewhat flexible as your volunteer consultant will be working around a schedule of his/her own.
  • When you have scheduled your consulting services, let Kelli know the specifics (dates of service from beginning to end).
  • Upon completion of the consulting services, you will submit a brief evaluation of your experience to Kelli at the Community Foundation.
  • Kelli will ask the volunteer consultant for a brief narrative confirming the most important achievements of your time together.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Kelli at 812.232.2234 or

Ready to help enable nonprofit organizations to better meet their missions and goals?

Is your nonprofit organization in need of volunteer consulting services?

Kelli Miller
Program Director