Sullivan Park and Lake wins big!


We had a GREAT meeting last night! If you weren’t able to make it, here is a recap:

  • First, we heard from Terri Roberts who presented on behalf of Sullivan County Park and Lake. Her daughter Karissa Huff who has presented twice to the 100 Women this year on behalf of the playground equipment for the Park and Lake had her baby on Friday and was unable to make her pitch last night, but she is within $12,000 of making the new playground a reality at the Park and Lake. Karissa has worked relentlessly on fundraising and writing grants for this $60,000+ project.
  • Next, Suzanne Gorgas presented on behalf of a newer nonprofit Heroes New Hope Foundation, an organization that takes disabled veterans and disabled children on outdoor excursions such as hunting and fishing. The organization has teamed up with Rose Hulman and St. Mary of the Woods to create a special mobilized chair that allows people that are blind or unable to move through wooded areas normally, and allows volunteers to assist them with these outdoor activities.
  • Last, we heard from Shirley Lueking who presented on behalf of the Humane Shelter. She explained that in order for Sullivan County residents to make the best use of the Humane Shelter, they need to be able to find it, and in order to do that, a lit sign would be most useful! The shelter has priced a lighted sign at $8,000 and that would allow people to easily locate them, and that would allow a message board on the sign that the shelter could change information on as well.
Ultimately, the membership voted to fund the Sullivan County Park and Lake! Terri said that with this $8,900, Karissa will be able to go ahead and place the order for the playground equipment!

If you were unable to make the meeting, please send your checks payable to Sullivan County Park and Lake to the Wabash Valley Community Foundation at 200 S. 8th Street Terre Haute, IN 47807 or pay online here.