Renis and Fern Knust Scholarship Fund

The Renis and Fern Knust Scholarship Fund was established by Renis in his wife Fern’s memory. This scholarship was as meaningful for Renis as it is to the recipient. When Fern passed away several years ago, Renis wanted to honor his wife of more than 50 years. Although neither of them were college-educated and they had no children, he wanted to create a scholarship to help Clay City High School students. Clay County Community Foundation Board Member, Bill Sisson, knew how important this memorial became for Renis. “I got him talking about the scholarship,” Bill said. “This 88-year-old farmer became very emotional. With tears in his eyes, he talked about the children who had won the scholarship, and about what this would have meant to Fern. He wants to know all about the students. It’s almost as if these youngsters are part of the family he and Fern never had.”

Eligibility requires that:

  • You are a graduate of Clay City High School pursuing vocational training at an accredited institution offering vocational and/or technical training.
  • You must demonstrate potential for success in your chosen vocational field.
  • You must demonstrate high moral character and citizenship.
  • Preference given to the student of mid-range in terms of GPA and/or class rank.