Elizabeth Smudde Memorial Scholarship Fund

Born one of nine children in 1904, Elizabeth (Doliana) Smudde lived with her parents and siblings in Carbon, Ind. As a child, she attended Saint Mary Catholic Church in Diamond, Ind. and later married her husband, Theodore Smudde, in that exact church. The couple then moved to Racine, Wisc. and lived there for nearly 17 years. When they decided it was time for a change they moved to Terre Haute, Ind. Upon moving to the Wabash Valley, the Smudde couple started a family. The family quickly grew to seven, having one daughter and four sons.

The Smudde family started a grocery store at N. 13th Street. Theodore and Elizabeth willingly gave groceries to families in need of food, and they did community service for many years. After 20 years of owning Smudde’s Grocery, they sold it due to Theodore’s failing health.

Elizabeth was very active in the Mother’s Club, Altar Society, and the Quilter’s Group, all while raising her five children. Her four sons attended Sacred Heart School. The ladies met weekly at the church to quilt and many of the quilts were raffled off at their yearly festivals. Some were given to local priests and nuns. Elizabeth was very involved in cooking meals and baking pies for funerals and special occasions at the Sacred Heart School. The church and school were Elizabeth’s passion, and she was willing to help in any way possible.

The Elizabeth Smudde Scholarship Fund was established in 1994 in memory of Elizabeth’s life at Sacred Heart School, as well as her family’s involvement at Sacred Heart School. The purpose of the fund was to help defray expenses for children in need who attended Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School.  Now that the school is closed, her children have decided that the money will be used for education of the youth, from elementary age through high school age, who attend Sacred Heart Religious Education Catechism classes.

(To apply contact Indiana State University for information.)