Elizabeth A. Bledsoe Scholarship Fund

The story of the Bledsoe jewelry box began many years ago when a bride set out to preserve her memories for a time when she might not remember details dear to her. Elizabeth A. Bledsoe’s jewelry box provides a glimpse into her life with her husband Frank. Elizabeth meticulously recorded detailed descriptions of each item, the date she received it, who she received it from and the occasion.

Just a few of the treasures the box contained were an exquisite antique cameo pin, a locket containing the couple’s photos, heirloom wedding bands from their parents and Masonic and Eastern Star jewelry. Probably the most sentimental item was a lock of Frank’s hair, handed down from his first haircut.

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation was entrusted with Elizabeth’s jewelry box as part of a more than $100,000 bequest from the estate of Frank Bledsoe. It contained stunning pieces dating back to their courtship and marriage and heirlooms from both their parents.

Whether it is precious memories or precious stones, the things we hold most dear can have undiscovered value to others when we no longer need them. The jewelry box meant more than money to the Bledsoes, yet they left it to the Community Foundation, where it could be used to enrich, empower and improve the lives of others in our community.
Eligibility requires that:

  • You are a graduate of a Sullivan County high school.