David A. Gilman, Ph.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr. David A. Gilman graduated from Hymera High School and received his bachelor’s degree from Indiana State Teachers College. He then went on to complete his master’s degree from Michigan State University and his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University.

Returning to Indiana State University, Dr. Gilman taught many different classes including teaching methods, educational research, educational administration, library science, educational and school psychology, special education, and university studies. He also taught classroom management and research analysis at Oakland City University.

Dr. Gilman received several distinguished awards during his career including the Caleb Mills Award for Distinguished Teaching, the Theodore Dreiser Award for Distinguished Contributions in Research and Creativity, and the Lotus Delta Coffman Distinguished Professor of Education. He was well-written, having authored more than 500 articles and research reports.

In addition to obtaining his education, Dr. Gilman served in the U.S. Army Counter Intelligence Corp. He was a member of the World Gospel Church and various organizations, including the National Education Association.

The David A. Gilman, Ph.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund was created by Dr. Gilman’s wife, Elizabeth, to provide tuition and fees support to students who graduate from Sullivan County High School or North Central High School, who reside in Busseron Creek Valley and who plan to pursue a degree in Education at Indiana State University.

Eligibility requires that:

  • You are a current or prior graduate of a North Central High School.
  • You are seeking an undergraduate or graduate degree in Education at Indiana State University.

Preference shall be given to residents of Busseron Creek Valley in Sullivan County, Indiana or Greene County, Indiana.