Register for Access to the Donor Portal

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation strives to provide its endowed fund holders and fund advisers with informative and relevant information on their fund activity. To that end, the Community Foundation is pleased to provide fund holders and fund advisers the ability to access information about recent gifts, grants, investment growth and fees associated with their fund through an online Donor Portal: Foundant Community Suite Fund Adviser Online Access.

Information Accuracy and Statements

Through the Donor Portal, fund holders and fund advisers will be able to view information about both the endowed and pass-through components of their fund(s). They will be able to: • View the current fund balance and the spendable balance (the amount available to award in grants or scholarships). • View contributions and grants made on or after October 1, 2019. Contribution and grant information made prior to this date may be obtained by calling the Community Foundation at 812-232-2234 or submitting a request via • View quarterly fund statements, which include administrative fees and investment returns. • View relevant files, such as copies of the fund agreement. • Recommend grants to qualified charitable organizations (Donor-Advised funds only). • Make an online contribution via credit or debit card. Credit card transaction fees will apply.

Information Available Through the Online Donor Portal

Financial information within the Donor Portal for the current Fiscal Year (October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021) has not been audited. Copies of the Community Foundation’s most recent audited financial statements are available to view and download by visiting The Community Foundation reconciles its records with external agencies on a monthly basis. Accordingly, contributions and grants listed in the Donor Portal made within the last month have not yet been reconciled and are not final. Investment earnings are allocated to funds on a quarterly basis. Investment earnings after October 1, 2019 can be found in the quarterly fund statements available to view and download through the Donor Portal. Quarterly fund statements prior to October 1, 2019 may be obtained by calling the Community Foundation at 812-232-2234 or submitting a request via

Donor Information and Confidentiality

The Community Foundation respects the privacy of all its donors. As such, fund holders and fund advisers should be aware of the following: • Contributions within the Donor Portal will only show the donor’s name and date of the donation. The Community Foundation will not supply the mailing address, phone number, email or other identifying information. • Donors who have made gifts anonymously will be listed simply as “Anonymous” within the Donor Portal. The Community Foundation will not provide the donor’s name or other identifying information to fund holders or fund advisers. • By registering to use the Donor Portal, fund holders and fund advisers agree all contribution information, including donor names and donation amounts, will remain confidential. • Given the volume of gifts made to funds held at the Community Foundation, donors will not receive email notifications when gifts or grants are made either from the Donor Portal itself or from online giving systems such as Fund holders and fund advisers are encouraged to visit the Donor Portal to review any recent transactions and contact the Community Foundation staff with any questions or concerns.

Donor Portal Opt-In/Out Form

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By opting in for access to the Donor Portal, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the information and guidelines contained above. Please note the Community Foundation reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time and will notify you of such modifications. Also note the Community Foundation may suspend or terminate the ability to access the Donor Portal at any time, with or without cause. Please indicate your preference by selecting an option below. If you choose not to opt-in for access to the Donor Portal, you will continue to receive paper statements via US Mail.