Ouabache Land Conservancy Gifted 25th Anniversary Grant

Terre Haute, IND. – The Wabash Valley Community Foundation recently awarded an Anniversary Grant in the amount of $1,000 to Ouabache Land Conservancy.

The grant will allow volunteers of the Ouabache Land Conservancy to develop and improve the trail system at the Jackson-Schnyder Nature Preserve, a protected natural area accessible to the public.

“Ouabache Land Conservancy (OLC) hosts several events at Jackson-Schnyder Nature Preserve throughout the year, and many private groups have visited the property on their own to explore the forest and prairie,” said Dennis Tarasi, Vice President for Stewardship at Ouabache Land Conservancy. “To enhance these activities, OLC has marked out a loop hiking trail through the large forest on the property. The trail system [itself] is not yet developed, [which makes] it difficult for many residents to safely navigate the forested area. This grant will allow us to develop the current trail into a clearly defined and easily accessible trail system.”

Tarasi explained natural areas such as the Jackson-Schnyder Preserve provide Wabash Valley residents with unique opportunities to connect with their natural surroundings. The nature preserve is managed for wildlife conservation, providing a high quality habitat for animal and plant diversity. One of the goals for this trail system is that it will increase public interest in and usage of the property while expanding opportunities for Wabash Valley residents to enjoy the beautiful, natural surroundings.

Thanks to the 25th Anniversary Grant, volunteers are one step closer to that goal as they can begin purchasing materials for the installation of a mulched hiking path, stairway, walking bridges, as well as trail markers and maps for public usage. To save on costs, the labor for installation and maintenance will come from volunteer efforts. The final product will result in a brand new outdoor opportunity in the Wabash Valley that will benefit all ages and future generations.

The Community Foundation is gifting 25th Anniversary Grants to non-profit agencies in the Wabash Valley in the amount of $1,000 per week until December 20, 2017. For a complete list of rules and/or to apply for a 25th Anniversary Grant, eligible 501(c)(3) nonprofit agencies in Clay, Sullivan and Vigo counties should email info@wvcf.com requesting an application or stop by our offices at 200 South 8th Street. The application is also available for online submission via www.wvcf.org/25th-anniversary-grants. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis. Only one application per agency may be submitted as entries will automatically be re-entered in subsequent weeks until either selected or the 25 weeks have passed.

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