Transforming Small Towns: The Clay County Mural Tour Bringing Art to Our Communities

A remarkable initiative is redefining public spaces across our region. The Clay County Mural Tour, a collaborative effort spanning multiple small towns, is breathing new life into these communities through the power of art. This ambitious project aims to transform the landscape of small towns, foster community engagement, and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of our region.

Below you will explore the concept art and the meaning behind the artwork represented inside each letter.   Be sure to check out our acknowledgment of how this project was made possible, along with learning about the artist.

  1. Mural-Tour-Brazil-Concept
  2. Mural-Tour-Brazil-Completed

The postage stamp mural honoring Brazil represent significant elements and landmarks that reflect the culture, history, and community spirit of the area. Each letter in “BRAZIL” encapsulates facets of the region’s identity, offering both a visual treat and a narrative depth to the viewer. Below is a deeper understanding of the meaning and importance of each letter:

B – THE NATIONAL ROAD: Highlights the first U.S. Congress-authorized highway in 1806. Now Highway 40, it underscores Brazil, Indiana’s role in America’s transportation and development story.

R – CARDINAL AND PHILIP FERNSEL CABIN: Showcases Indiana’s state bird and the pioneering history through Philip Fernsel’s Cabin in Forest Park, symbolizing the area’s natural beauty and historical significance.

A – CLAY COUNTY COURTHOUSE: Erected in 1914, it stands as a beacon of justice, governance, and architectural splendor, central to Brazil and Clay County’s civic life.

Z – BRAZIL FIRE TRUCK IN THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARADE: Represents community spirit and celebration, highlighting the unity and service-mindedness of Brazil, Indiana’s residents.

I – CHAFARIZ DOS CONTOS: A gift from Brazil in 1956, this fountain is a cultural link and symbol of international camaraderie, enhancing the local cultural landscape.

L – COMMUNITY THEATRE OF CLAY COUNTY: Located in the historic Lark Theater, it showcases the creative and collaborative essence of Brazil, offering a venue for artistic expression and cultural enjoyment.

In the heart of a vibrant community lies the Staunton Stamp Mural, a mosaic of stories and symbols that captures the essence and spirit of Staunton. Each letter in “STAUNTON” illustrates a unique aspect of the town’s identity, combining to form a rich tapestry of history, service, and natural beauty.


S – LADY VOLUNTEERS: Embodying the spirit of community and generosity in Staunton through monthly chicken and noodle dinner to raise money for the community.

T – POST OFFICE: A historic institution since 1903, symbolizing the town’s connectivity and legacy.

A – DRAG LINE: Highlighting the hard work and resilience of its people and its coal mining history.

U – POSEY TOWNSHIP VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT: Heroes dedicated to protecting the community.

N – STAUNTON ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  A beacon of education where future leaders are nurtured.

T – FISHING: Reflecting the community’s enjoyment in nature’s simplicity and recreation.

O – COMMUNITY CENTER:  A hub for social life and unity in Staunton.

N – CHINOOK FISH & WILDLIFE AREA: Symbolizing environmental care and natural beauty, underscoring Staunton’s dedication to conservation.

In the heart of Center Point, a small town known for its rich history and tight-knit community, a new mural is capturing the essence of the town’s identity and spirit. The Postage Stamp Mural, an ambitious project spearheaded by local artists and community leaders, beautifully weaves together the town’s heritage, industries, and landmarks into a single, cohesive artwork. Each letter in the mural spells out “CENTER POINT” and is represented by a unique symbol that tells a story about the town.

C – Sunflowers: Representing happiness and the welcoming nature of Center Point’s residents, embodying the friendly atmosphere of the town.

E – Tractor: A nod to the vital agricultural industry, honoring hardworking farmers who sustain the town.

N – Barn and Field: Highlighting farming’s importance to the town’s economy and way of life, symbolizing Center Point’s agricultural roots.

T – Community Playground and American Flag: Symbolizing the town’s strong sense of community and patriotism, representing a nurturing environment and national pride.

E – Train Carrying Coal: Representing Center Point’s early industry, pivotal in shaping the town’s economic landscape.

R – Mason Lodge: A historic institution symbolizing fellowship, charity, and strong community bonds.

P – Sugar Maples: Representing Sugar Ridge Township, named for its abundance of these trees, celebrating the town’s natural heritage.

O – Center Point Hardware Store: Highlighting local businesses’ importance to the town’s economy and daily life, fostering local commerce.

I – Morel Mushroom: Known as “Indiana gold,” representing the town’s connection to nature and local culinary traditions.

N – Town Hall: Symbolizing the heart of civic life, where important decisions are made and community milestones celebrated.

T – Cardinal: Indiana’s state bird, embodying the natural beauty of the region and serving as a symbol of town pride.

Nestled in the heart of a quaint town, the Poland Stamp Mural is a vibrant tapestry that weaves together tradition, community, and heritage, symbolizing the spirit of Poland, Indiana, in an inspiring and visually captivating way. Each letter in the mural’s depiction of “POLAND” tells a unique story that collectively paints a rich portrait of this charming locality.

P – Post Office with American Flag: Symbolizes communication, connection, and patriotism within Poland.

O – Lion’s Club International Emblem: Represents community service, support, and unity fostered by the Lion’s Club.

L – Peony: State Flower of Indiana, reflects the natural beauty and resilience of the town, linking to Indiana’s heritage.

A – Poland Chapel: Built in 1869, its a landmark of faith and history, showcasing the town’s enduring communal gatherings.

N – Playground Built by Community at Site of Original School: Symbolizes community effort to provide a nurturing environment for children, preserving Poland’s legacy.

D – Clayshire Castle: Represents the town’s creativity and cultural richness, embodying dreams and imagination.

Details coming soon, check back to learn more.

Details coming soon, check back to learn more.

About the Artist (not happy with this sections layout)

Mural Tour - Artist Tosca Carranza

Tosca Carranza, a renowned artist and dedicated educator, has firmly established her roots in the heart of Cory, Indiana. Her journey began in the scenic expanses of Clay County, where the early years of her life deeply influenced her artistic vision and the themes that would later permeate her work. Tosca pursued her passion for art at Indiana University, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting, a field that allowed her to explore and refine her unique artistic style.

Throughout her career, Tosca has left a vibrant mark across Indiana through her captivating murals. These large-scale artworks are celebrated for their intricate depictions of nature’s beauty and their homage to the spirit of the community. Each piece is a testament to Tosca’s belief in the power of art to connect, uplift, and inspire communities far and wide.

After spending some time in the bustling environment of Indianapolis, Tosca felt a profound call to return to her roots. She relocated to her grandparents’ farm, a place that held countless memories and offered a profound sense of connection to her heritage. Here, in the serene backdrop of the Indiana countryside, Tosca dedicates herself to living in harmony with the land. Her commitment to stewardship is evident in her sustainable practices and deep respect for the natural world.

Beyond her work as an artist, Tosca has an unwavering commitment to education.
She believes in sharing her knowledge and passion for art with others, nurturing the next generation of creative minds. Her educational endeavors are characterized by encouragement and inspiration, fostering an environment where creativity can flourish.

In her personal life, Tosca finds joy and solace among her numerous animals on the farm. Each day is an opportunity to live closely with nature, fully embracing the cycle of life and the endless lessons it holds. This intimate connection with the land and its creatures further enriches Tosca’s art, infusing it with authenticity and a profound sense of place.

Tosca Carranza’s life and work are a compelling narrative of returning to one’s roots, of living in harmony with nature, and of the powerful role art plays in community and personal well-being. Her legacy is one of beauty, connection, and a sustainable way of living that inspires those around her and future generations to come.

The Vision Behind the Tour

The Clay County Mural Tour was envisioned by community leaders and town officials who aimed to make art accessible and instill pride in local neighborhoods. They saw murals as a way to tell stories, inspire change, and beautify spaces. This tour uses large-scale artworks to connect different communities and highlight each town’s unique character.

A Tapestry of Diversity

A standout feature of the Clay County Mural Tour is its celebration of diversity. Each mural reflects the cultural heritage, history, and aspirations of its community. From local folklore and historical events to scenes of vibrant everyday life, these murals serve as visual narratives celebrating each place’s identity.

Community Engagement and Participation

The heart of the Clay County Mural Tour is its community-driven approach. Residents are actively involved in planning and creating each mural. Workshops and town hall meetings gather ideas, ensuring the murals reflect the community’s vision. Local schools and youth groups often participate in the painting process, fostering a sense of ownership and pride among young residents.

Revitalizing Small Towns

Beyond beautifying public spaces, the Clay County Mural Tour revitalizes small towns by attracting visitors, boosting tourism, and stimulating local economies. Businesses near mural sites report increased foot traffic, and local artists gain recognition and opportunities through their involvement in the tour.

A Legacy of Art and Unity

The Clay County Mural Tour is more than a series of paintings; it’s a testament to art’s power to unite communities and inspire change. Each mural symbolizes the town’s unique story and collective pride. This tour fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose, reminding residents that even small towns can be canvases for creativity and cultural expression.

Eli Lilly’s Generosity Fuels the Project

Clay County is undergoing an artistic transformation thanks to Eli Lilly’s generous contribution. Their funding has brought vibrant public art to small towns, celebrating each community’s unique heritage.

Revitalizing Communities Through Art

The Clay County Mural Tour aims to create murals across small towns, reflecting each community’s history, culture, and spirit. This project beautifies public spaces, tells town stories, fosters community pride, and encourages tourism and economic growth.

Eli Lilly’s Role

Eli Lilly’s financial support has been crucial in launching this project. Their commitment to community development and the arts has provided resources to commission local artists, engage community members, and ensure each mural truly represents its town.

Celebrating Our Heritage

Each mural serves as a visual narrative, highlighting important aspects of the town’s identity. For example, one mural features sunflowers and a tractor, symbolizing the region’s agricultural roots and hardworking spirit. Another depicts a community playground and the American flag, representing the town’s sense of community and patriotism. These artworks beautify towns and create a sense of pride among residents.

Community Involvement

A key aspect of the project is its community-driven approach. Local residents participate in planning and creating each mural, ensuring the artworks reflect the community’s vision and values. Workshops and town hall meetings engage residents, fostering a sense of ownership and pride.

A Lasting Legacy

Eli Lilly’s contribution extends beyond the murals. The project boosts local economies by attracting tourists and encouraging new businesses near mural sites. Additionally, local artists gain recognition and opportunities through their involvement in the project.

A Heartfelt Thank You

The Clay County Mural Tour is a testament to what communities can achieve with support from generous partners like Eli Lilly. Their contribution is creating vibrant, welcoming spaces that celebrate our shared heritage and inspire future generations. Thank you, Eli Lilly, for enhancing the quality of life in Clay County. Your support is making a lasting difference, and we look forward to celebrating our towns’ beauty and stories with the entire community.