For over three decades, the Community Foundation has grown gift by gift to become one of the largest foundations in west central Indiana with total assets over $88 million.  Since our founding, over $42 million has been granted into the communities that we serve.  Thousands of individuals, families, businesses and foundations have contributed to over 700 separate funds that create the lasting community capital for Clay, Sullivan and Vigo counties. Our ability to serve our communities today and into the future is directly related to our ability to preserve and enhance our financial assets.


The Community Foundation offers two separate investment portfolios for funds.  We offer the regular portfolio and an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) portfolio that mirrors the regular portfolio but excludes investments such as tobacco, carbon-based fuel, etc.  Fund creators must request their fund be invested in the ESG pool. Otherwise, it is added to the Investment Portfolio

1 year 3 years 5 years
Endowment Portfolio 15.1 6.36 9.86
ESG Portfolio 19.18 5.03 11.12
Growth Reference Point 15.18 4.41 8.8

Target Portfolio Allocation

Cash 1
US Bonds 16.5
International Bonds 5.5
US Large Cap Equities 28
International Large Cap Equities 12
Small Cap US Equities 14.5
Small Cap International Equities 7.5
Energy/Natural Resources 8
Real Estate 7

Actual Portfolio Allocation

Cash .89
US Bonds 14.99
International Bonds 5.24
US Large Cap Equities 29.57
International Large Cap Equities 12.19
Small Cap US Equities 15.45
Small Cap International Equities 7.62
Energy/Natural Resources 7.28
Real Estate 6.76

Financial Reports

Every day, the Wabash Valley Community Foundation and its donors make a difference in our community.

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation pays close attention to financial services, demonstrating its responsibility to its donors and the community. The Audited Financial Statement and the 990 Information Return are available for viewing by clicking on the links below. Please contact the Community Foundation if further financial information is needed.

IRS Charitable Status Documents

IRS Determination Letter

Investment Policy Statement

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