Honorariums & Tribute Gifts

Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to honor or celebrate someone who has enriched your life or your community.  Your contribution will have a positive impact on the person you are honoring and they will appreciate a gift that has meaning.  Your giving will also be used to enrich lives within the community.

Opportunities for Tribute Giving

  • Retirement
  • Birthday, anniversary or wedding
  • Service and volunteer recognition — instead of a plaque
  • Nonprofits honoring board members — gift placed in endowed fund supporting the nonprofit
  • Holidays
  • Birth announcement
  • Other joyful or important occasions

Or, you may want to create something lasting – start a tribute fund honoring the special person through the Community Foundation! Please give us a call at 812-232-2234 to learn more.

The Community Foundation has received tributes and honorariums for the following organizations and individuals:


Hilda Andres
Susan Brattain on her Birthday
Kathy & David Brentlinger
Rush & Joanne Davis
Don & Jean McMahan
Malinda Medsker
Fred Nevils on his 80th birthday
Nicoson Family
Garrett Pendergast
Leah Rutenberg’s birthday
Dr. Bob Schwab
Richard, Alice, George, Eleanor, William & Harriet Shagley
Rick Shagley on his 50th anniversary of legal services
Teri Shipley
William “Bill” Tennis on his retirement
Barbara & Russell Webster
Stephanie Welsh on her birthday


Bob Baesler on his birthday
Patrick Barrett
Douglas Bates on his 67th birthday
Dr. Greg Bell
Margaret Jean Blasingame on her 80th birthday
David Brentlinger
Doug Brown
James R. Brown
Judi Brown
Kendall Brown
Linda Brown
Bonnie Bruce
City of Brazil
Class of 2020
Clay County Redevelopment Commission
Cindy Cox
John Cristee
Donna Doti
Joyce Emmert
Gregg Greven
Chris Hogue
Brianna Hubble
Hughes Family 2016 Adoption
Alan J. LaClave, MD
Nicoson Family
Keegan Rader
Migena Ramadani
Sister Dorothy Rasche
Lisa Spence
Sullivan Vigo Rural Water Corp.
Jason Swarens
Zachary Tate
Beth Tevlin
Town of Carlisle
Town of Center Point
Town of Clay City
Town of Shelburn
Carolyn Steinbaugh
Kathy Anne Weaver on her birthday
Charlie Williams
Helen Young


Jade Avelis
Alyssa Brough on her 31st birthday
Terri Brough on her birthday
Jim & Linda Brown
Charles “Ted” Cochran
Jack Cochran
Richard “Dick” Ellis Cole on his 75th birthday
John Cristee
Donna Doti
Judy Hatch on her 75th birthday
Jim Hartman on his 90th birthday
Brianna Hubble on her birthday
Gavin Hubble on his 8th birthday
Terry & Judy Jarvis
Harold & Malinda Medsker
Lu & Laney Meis
Mike & Linda Morris
Jack Page for Father’s Day
Garrett Pendergast
Jack Ragle
Beth Reed
Benet Rutenberg
Rick Shagley on receiving the Marilyn Wheeler Pendergast Award for Outstanding Dedication
Charlotte Taylor Shike for Mother’s Day & in honor of her birthday
Terry Tevlin on his retirement
Gary Ulrich, Jr.
Kathy Anne Weaver on her birthday


Douglas Bates
Nancy Bradford
Susan Bradford
James & Linda Brown
Pat Cahill on receiving the Chapman Root Award
Max & Mia Caldwell’s Baptism
Thomas Edward Cole’s 80th Birthday
Jules Dunbar
Sam Emmert’s 80th Birthday
Sam & Joyce Emmert’s 50th Wedding Anniversary
Peggy Grubb
Rod Heefner on his Retirement
Lundstrom & Kelly Families
Marissa Manlove’s Retirement
Harold & Malinda Medsker
Mike & Linda Morris
Rachel Mullinnix
Jack Page
Curt Pendergast
Charlotte Shike for Mother’s Day
Carolyn Steinbaugh
Dr. Danny Tanoos
Beth Tevlin
Sarah Elizabeth Weaver
Carrie Werneke