Did you receive a scholarship from a fund of the Wabash Valley Community Foundation, Clay County Community Foundation or the Sullivan County Community Foundation?
You are required to submit a year-end report after the completion of the academic year. Please click here for the standard year-end report.

Are you a Lilly Endowment Community Scholar?
You are required to submit a year-end report after the completion of each academic year. Please note that failure to submit timely, complete reports is in violation of your scholarship agreement and will delay future scholarship payments. Contact the Community Foundation for more information.

Are you a recent graduate?
Congratulations! Please complete and submit the graduation survey to complete your scholarship requirements.


Have you returned the alumni survey?
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Update my information
Have you moved? Did your email change? Do you have news to share (new job, marriage, birth)? Please click here to keep in touch with the Community Foundation and update your information. Send an email to and please include: first name, last name, maiden name, home address (include city/state/zip), home phone, email, work address (include city/state/zip), company, title, work phone, and please share with us any information or special news in your life. If applicable, please also tell us the impact your scholarship had on your life.

As a scholarship recipient, someone helped make it possible for you to pursue higher education. Please learn more about how you can give back to your community or volunteer below!

How to make a Donation
The Community Foundation oversees more than 100 scholarships to assist students in pursuing post-secondary education. You can make a gift of any size to a Community Foundation scholarship fund. For information on other opportunities to support needs in the community, click here.

Mail your donation to:
Community Foundation Scholarship Program
200 South 8th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807

On the memo line, please indicate the fund or county you wish to support.