Urgent Grants

For an organization with a proven track record with the Community Foundation as being sound financial stewards and successful community providers, a one-time grant of up to $2,000 is available for an urgent operational need.
This grant may be used for a sudden, unanticipated and unavoidable challenge. Generally speaking, a compelling reason must exist in order to shorten and simplify the review process. Urgent grant needs are reviewed on an as-needed basis and therefore do not fall within the deadline dates applied to the typical grant cycles.

Examples of eligible requests are:

  • Natural or accidental disasters (fire/flood, etc.);
  • Theft or damage to equipment required to operate core programs;
  • Accidental or unexpected occurrences that, until resolved, cause facilities to be inaccessible or render programs unable to operate;
  • Unexpected failure or immediate impending failure of equipment that could threaten an organization’s ability to provide programming or services.

Ineligible Requests

  • Replacement of a gradual loss of funding or declining donation income or lost government funding;
  • Provision of interim funding while waiting for government or insurance reimbursement;
  • Start-up support for new programs;
  • Addressing problems resulting from an organization’s failure to adequately plan or exercise duty of care.
  • Examples to consider: 1) waiting until a lease expires before trying to locate alternate space; 2) relying on a small number of donors for support without having developed a diversified plan to sustain programming; 3) failure to pay taxes; 4) running operating deficits over multiple years; 5) not anticipating construction
    contingency costs; 6) failure to pay for maintenance costs and/or replacement costs of existing equipment;
  • Food requests.