How to Apply & Forms

How to Apply

A Letter of Intent is required prior to submitting a grant request. All letters of intent must be submitted online via the Community Foundation’s online process via the “Click Here to Apply” button.

Deadlines for Letters of Intent:

Vigo County               November 1st and May 1st  |   Online process opens September 15th and March 15th
Clay County                November 1st and May 1st  |   Online process opens September 15th and March 15th
Sullivan County         May 1st  |  Online process opens March 15th

Letters of Intent will be reviewed, and selected organizations will be invited to submit a full proposal, which will also be completed through the Community Foundation’s online process.

Please note that grant recipients in Clay and Vigo County must wait two grant cycles before re-applying.

Deadlines for Full Proposals:

Vigo County                February 1st and August 1st
Clay County                February 1st and August 1st
Sullivan County         August 1st

* Terre Haute Day Nursery, Youth Grant Committee, and Vigo and Clay County Urgent Needs grants have alternate requirements. These applications can be found below.

Other Application Forms

Please download and fill out the forms below. You can mail or fax back the Community Foundation:

Wabash Valley Community Foundation, Inc.
200 South 8th Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807

Fax: 812-234-4853


Urgent Needs Grant Applications:

Download Clay County Urgent Needs Grant Application

Download Vigo County Urgent Needs Grant Application

Donor Adviser Recommendation Form:

Download Form for Donor Advisers to Recommend Grants


Terre Haute Day Nursery Grant Application:

Please note there will be no THDN competitive grant cycle for the 2025 Fiscal Year (October 1, 2024 – September 30, 2025 with applications typically due November 1, 2024) as the THDN Committee is allocating its resources toward a specific project to benefit area children.

The competitive grant cycle will resume in the 2026 Fiscal Year (October 1, 2025 – September 30, 2026) with a deadline to submit a Terre Haute Day Nursery Application on November 1, 2025.


For information on Youth Grant Committee Grants, click here.

Good Grant Writing Advice


A Top Ten list of recommendations from private and community foundations in Indiana (heard at “Meet the Funder” events hosted by the Indiana Youth Institute across the Hoosier State):

  1. Do your homework on a community foundation using the community foundation’s web site and annual report.
  2. But don’t chase dollars based on what you learn. Many community foundations will see right through this. Instead, apply only for grants that support your mission. Stick to your mission!
  3. In your grant proposal, articulate the problem and how you will try to solve (or at least reduce) the problem. Do not over-promise. Be realistic.
  4. Explain how you will know when you are successful. That means include an evaluation plan.
  5. Keep the proposal clear, simple and concise.
  6. Do not write a generic proposal that then is mass produced for multiple foundations. Tailor each proposal to the specific interests of each foundation.
  7. Do not go to a community foundation too late with an urgent need or as a last resort.
  8. Community foundations do not want to be the Lone Ranger. The more broad-based financial support you can demonstrate, the more you are demonstrating sustainability to a community foundation.
  9. The accompanying budget needs to be detailed and include a written justification. Do not submit general estimates. Don’t ask for more than you need, thinking you will receive less.
  10. After receiving the grant, submit an accurate grant report and an accurate financial report by the particular foundation’s deadline. Good grant management strengthens your reputation among funders.