Be a philanthropist. You don’t have to be a millionaire to help your community. To create a unique fund bearing the name and purpose you select, a gift of cash or assets (stock, real estate, personal property) valued at $5,000 or more needs to be given to the Foundation. If it is not possible to give a large gift or to donate the $5,000 all at once in order to establish an endowed fund, the Community Foundation’s Acorn program is an alternate way of giving.

The Dictionary Project-
The Community Foundation provides dictionaries to every 3rd grade student in Clay Sullivan or Vigo counties whether they are educated in public schools, private schools or home schooled.  This project is seeking endowment funding so it can continue forever.

There are 3 ways to benefit the Dictionary Project

  1. Endow the dictionaries forever through a gift.  A donor can endow 1 classroom to receive dictionaries for $1,000.  The Community Foundation will insert a label in the dictionaries noting the generosity of the donor.
  2. Endow one or more dictionaries at the cost of $40 each.  Each $40 contributed will generate the income necessary to purchase 1 dictionary every year.
  3. Give money today that will buy dictionaries this fall.  Each dictionary costs $2.  In general, it costs $50 to purchase the dictionaries for each classroom.


The Acorn program-
This program allows a donor to create a permanent endowment fund over time. A minimum contribution of $100 opens the account with a commitment on your part to have it grow to the required $5,000 within five years. As resources become available, you may make contributions to your fund. Family members and friends also may contribute to your fund in the Foundation.


Other Special Project Funds-

Clay County
Literacy Initiative in Clay County Fund
Sullivan County
Lois Andrews Charitable Fund
Dugger Tomorrow Fund
Humane Shelter of Sullivan County Fund
Indiana EASE – Sullivan County Grant Fund
Sullivan City Redevelopment and Improvement Project Fund
Sullivan High School Athletic Fund

Vigo County
ArtSpaces Preservation Fund
CARE Council Project Fund
Cultural Alliance of Terre Haute Fund
Duke Energy Grants Fund
The Essence of Red Committee
Homeward Bound Walk Fund
Felstein Grandchildren Project Fund in Memory of Allen and Millie Felstein
Hulman George Family Project Fund
Indiana EASE – Vigo County Grant Fund
Janet Sue’s Helping Hand Fund
Scottish Rite of Wabash Valley Capital Project Fund
Terre Haute Parks Department Project Fund
Terre Haute Parks Department Project Fund-Deming Park
Terre Haute Parks Department Project Fund-Dobbs Park
Terre Haute Parks Department Project Fund-Gold Medal Park
Terre Haute Parks Department Project Fund-Maple Avenue
Wabash River National Road Wetland Reservation Project Fund
Veterans Memorial Plaza Project Fund
Vigo County Animal Coalition
Vigo County Park & Recreation Department Projects Fund
Wabash Valley Gives-Community Engagement Platform