The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation is pleased to offer The Legacy Society. The Legacy Society was created to recognize those individuals who have chosen to leave a lasting charitable legacy in Clay, Sullivan and Vigo counties by including the Wabash Valley Community Foundation in their will, trust or estate plans. The Legacy Society honors its individual member’s charitable passions while establishing its members as philanthropic role models in the larger Wabash Valley community.

Estate planning is an important way for those who have lived in a community to provide for its future. By entrusting gifts to the Community Foundation, donors can ensure that their contributions will be used wisely to address future community needs and that their personal legacies will be extended far beyond their lifetimes.

The Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who have made their intent to create permanent funds at the Wabash Valley Community Foundation through their estate planning. The society exists to recognize donors, provide opportunities for members to learn more about the community’s needs and better connect with Community Foundation programs, staff and services.

Interested in joining The Legacy Society?

Click below to fill out the Statement of Intent Form Online

Or please download and fill out the application and statement of intent linked below:

For more information, please contact Beth Tevlin at the Wabash Valley Community Foundation at 812-232-2234.

Legacy Society Members

Richard and Veada Akers*
Daryl Andrews
Roy Barnhart*
Margaret Halleck Blair*
Frank Bledsoe*
Walter Bledsoe*
Katherine Bledsoe-Aherns*
Charlotte Boener*
William* & Judith Brett
Barbara Brugnaux & Carl Bender
Virginia R. Buntain*
Dana Burton*
Pat & Mary Cahill
Mary Ann Carroll*
Nancy Crowder Cochran*
Judge Silas Coffey*
Clarabelle Conklin*
James Conner
Erna Lucille Cox*
Marian & Victor Danek*
Edmund J. Dede*
J. W. Dennis
Patricia “Patsy” Moran Dierdorf*
William W. Drummy
Wilma Eckerty*
Mrs. Jerry Einstandig
Janice Fellows
Allen & Millie Felstein*
George & Rose Felstein*
Barbara Fenton*
Sara Lou Joelson Garrard*

Virginia M. Ginter*
Lavelda M. Goble*
Nancy O. Graham*
Harry & Rosemary Grandey*
Mildred E. Harbison*
Charles Harlan*
Hermine Haslem*
Jessie Hickman*
Mary Ann Hicks*
Helen E. Hixson*
William Robert Huff*
Jeff & Shelley Hyatt
Rudolf Jacobsen*
Eileen Stith Jensen*
Betty Jones*
Barbara J. Keller*
Barbara Kelley*
Walter Kindrick*
Jenny Kloer
Duane & Mary Alice Klueh Endowment Fund
Carol M. Starkey Kochell*
Esther Ruddell Ladson*
Helen M. Lemry*
Harold P. & Theresa A. Loveall
Jacqueline Lower
Louie Lucas*
Marvin* & Sharon Mattison
Norma G. McNeill*
Harold and Malinda Medsker
Guido and Barbara Meischer*
Norman Mendenhall*
Bradley T. Miller
Hazel Miller*
Rolene Moore*

Sharon Haas Nelson
Ted and Anna Nesty*
Evelyn Peterman*
Jacqueline H. Phillips*
John & Myrtle Price*
Jack W. Ragle
Waneta R. Rector*
Ron Reeves*
Helen C. Rentschler*
Jesse and Martha Reynolds*
Reid & Nina Ross*
Fred & Nancy Rubey
Roberta L. Sackrider*
Gary W. & Judy A. Schomer
Dedia Sexton*
Cuthbert J. Sherman*
Jesse Sherwood*
Carl A. Smudde*
Ralph Spelbring
Randy & Debbie Stevens
June K. Swango*
Terry & Beth Tevlin
Hazel Travioli*
Everett & Fern Tucker*
Howard & Norma Unger
Richard C. Vining
Chris & Melinda Wall
Gwendolyn Wernsing*
Coriene White*
Earl & Pam White
J. Scott & Armeen Williams

* Deceased