GIFT VII Matching Dollars Limited!

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation and its affiliates, Clay County Community Foundation and Sullivan County Community Foundation, have raised over half of the matching unrestricted  endowment dollars under Lilly Endowment Inc.’s GIFT Phase VII initiative.

Lilly Endowment is providing funds for current contributions or irrevocable planned gifts made to a new or existing unrestricted or discretionary endowment fund. Unrestricted endowments provide the funding for the Community Foundation’s competitive grants in each county and for special community projects the Community Foundation supports. The GIFT VII $2-for-$1 match will enable fund creators to build their funds quickly and will increase the amount of money available to support local projects and programs in each of our three counties.

Typically, at least $5,000 is required to create a new unrestricted discretionary endowment fund; however, the GIFT VII initiative allows individuals, families and businesses to create new unrestricted endowment funds for as little as $1,667 – but only if the matching funds are available!

The matching opportunity is ongoing through December 2020, or until all matching funds have been claimed! Contributions of any amount will positively affect the Wabash Valley for generations to come.

If you are considering creating a lasting endowment, now is the time!  Please give us a call at 812.232.2234 to learn more about GIFT VII and how you can triple your impact!