West Terre Haute Clinic Community Project Fund

Valley Professionals Community Health Center (VPCHC) launched its plans to establish a new health center clinic and reduce barriers of care to the town of West Terre Haute. As a federally qualified community health center, VPCHC recognizes the need for individuals to have appropriate access and availability to health care and related services. The center’s mission is dedicated to providing comprehensive and integrated health care for all individuals and families.

“The health outcomes of West Terre Haute and surrounding areas are underserved with very limited access to options supporting positive individual and community health, prevention and well-being,” states Chief Executive Officer Terry Warren. “Challenges of poverty, unemployment, and uninsured rates poses substantial barriers in obtaining health care services. The investment of a clinic will provide affordable, long-lasting and positive transformation within the community, supporting the overall health of its individuals and families.”

The delivery of integrated health care services will improve positive health outcomes, allowing prevention of illnesses and chronic diseases, as well as health management and behavioral services for whole-person care. VPCHC believes the investment in West Terre Haute will strengthen the community’s development, longevity and health of its residents, demonstrating a proactive focus on prevention within the community. Integrated services aim to improve positive outcomes and dissolve barriers in the community such as transportation, access, affordability and additional resources.

Implementation of this project will include facility construction to house services. Property has been obtained at the corner of National Avenue and South 6th Street through a generous donation. VPCHC will contract with architectural and engineering services for other aspects of the project.

VPCHC is dedicated to providing comprehensive primary health care and related services for all individuals and families, and provides primary care, behavioral health, dental, resource and other care services. The health center has clinics located in Montgomery, Parke, Vermillion and Vigo counties. For more information, visit www.valleyprohealth.org.

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