Mission: CANDLES Holocaust Museum & Education Center contributes to the empowerment of
the world through hope, healing, respect, and responsibility by shining alight on the
story of the Holocaust, Eva Kor, the Mengele twins, and other survivors.

Vision: CANDLES strives to be a premier institution seeking progress in the creation of a world
free from prejudice, hatred, and genocide.

Values: Hope, Healing, Respect, Responsibility, Forgiveness, Education, Empathy, remembrance, Inspiration, Compassion, Peace, Acceptance

CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center, located in Terre Haute, IN, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1995 by Holocaust survivor Eva Kor. Originally dedicated to finding surviving Mengele twins around the world, CANDLES has grown into a worldwide movement that seeks to preserve survivor testimony for future
generations, foster conversation about important local and global topics, and engage students in the museum’s mission. Thousands of people, including many school groups, have visited CANDLES since it opened. In 2003, the museum was destroyed by a hate- filled arsonist. Eva vowed to rebuild, and with the help of a generous public outpouring of support, the museum was rebuilt and reopened in 2005. CANDLES offers programs and exhibits to address relevant issues in our world today. We strive to illuminate the world with hope, healing, respect, and responsibility.

The purpose of the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center Endowment Fund shall be to provide support to CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center, as directed by the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation. Such support shall be used to further the charitable or other exempt purposes of CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center within the meaning of Code section 170(c)(1) or 170(c)(2)(B) and shall be consistent with the mission and purposes of the Community Foundation. Because the Fund will only provide support to CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center, it shall not be a donor advised fund.