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The Community Foundation is pleased to present the Quality of Place Community Building Institutes.

The Small Community Development Institute processes begin steady, consistent, long-term cultural transition to increase population and decrease poverty, which builds civility. Using bottoms-up, relationship-building, image-changing, sustainable approaches to grow rural areas, these powerful, collaboration-building Institutes have great growth benefits that create and strengthen relationships within and between communities. These long-term processes focus on attitudes, collaboration and entrepreneurs to create family-friendly, youth-centered places that will stabilize and grow populations.

Held in October, this enjoyable, intensive, 16-hour interactive relationship development class contains lecture, reflection, worksheets, homework and is available for up to 25 people per session to encourage trusting relationships. Participants identify specific personal and professional motivation to increase productivity, retention, vision, a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

Held in January/February each year, this Institute is intended as a train-the-trainer experience. Participants learn the art of Deliberative Dialogue to talk through divisive issues, not just about them; issues where emotions run high, and the stakes are high to solve. Constructive to business, organization, agency, community /region needs, this dynamic tool illuminates personal values. This powerful bottoms-up approach addresses tough issues to move ahead together in Community Conversations. Uncovering and understanding your community’s “unknown” culture from its history to how it acts today is the first step to moving it forward.

This multi-community Institute is held March-October each year and is an incredibly fun, powerful, grassroots relationship economic development process to build regional collaboration, wealth and integrate new people between communities, businesses, schools, organizations and individuals. This Institute creates an atmosphere that builds trusting relationships, improves attitudes, creates jobs, ramps momentum, and spurs entrepreneurial activity. This interactive process promotes unity, provides relevant education of local businesses and attractions to inspire business creation, expansion and pride in a geographic area. When we know each other, everything improves.

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May 25, 2022


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June 27, 2022