Clay County Community Foundation Grants $10,000 to Brazil Rotary Club

The Clay County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the Wabash Valley Community Foundation, saw a need within the community and, without hesitation, the board of directors agreed to help.

“For many decades, past and present members of our local Rotary Club have worked tirelessly to put together one of the finest 4th of July Celebrations in the entire state,” said Mike McCullough, Board President of the Clay County Community Foundation. “When it was recently announced this year’s event was in jeopardy due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and that a major source of funding to help fund the fireworks show, the carnival, would not be part of this year’s event, the Board of Directors of the Clay County Community Foundation voted to donate $10,000. Obviously, everyone in the community has been adversely affected by this pandemic. Our board members felt the fireworks show would be something that could really lift the spirits of the people in our great community. We are very fortunate and happy to have the funds available to help the Rotary Club’s effort to keep this tradition intact.”

The Brazil Rotary Club has since raised enough funds to cover the cost of the 4th of July Celebration, and “The Show Must Go On”.

“The Brazil Rotary Club relies on local sponsors and the carnival to fund fireworks, and free entertainment during our celebration,” explained Chad Schopmeyer, President of the Brazil Rotary Club. “We use funds raised to then give back to other organizations throughout the year. In a year with so much uncertainty, our community stepped up to another level and assured us of their support in continuing our 85-year tradition. The fireworks will go on, and we are blessed to live in such a great small town.”

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