Catholic Charities Christmas Store Receives $7,050

The 2nd meeting of 2017 took place on June 21st at The Landing at Fort Harrison. We had a great turnout, here are the results!


  • Member Cary Albin introduced speaker Eleanor Ramseier who spoke on behalf of Youth for Christ asking for funding for a retreat for youth pastors, and supplies and grant money for Camp Navigate.
  • Member John Etling spoke on behalf of Catholic Charities Christmas Store asking for overhead funding to continue providing items for approximately 900 families in the Wabash valley each year.
  • Member Terry Hogan spoke on behalf of Miracle on 7th Street asking for funding for signage, a new Coca Cola trailer and carts to help move the massive food donations that they receive each year.
Ultimately the membership voted to fund the Catholic Charities Christmas Store!